Welcome to Soundtracktoyour.com: the place to listen to and find the most perfect music for your life. We are your new music site for FREE online music listening and musical discovery.

Here you can stream free music; create, play and share your favourite playlists (we call them Soundtracks) to echo the life you lead and the people & events that shape it. It’s a unique way to keep your memories fresh, by playing the music from it, like movie soundtracks.

With Soundtracktoyour.com you will discover specific music for all occasions, grouped by the real events of your life, from wedding music to the best dinner party music. Discover the music your favourite celebrities listen to; what your friends love or get inspiration from our extraordinary and unique music charts.

It’s not just about Celebrity music though, it’s easy to build a personal collection by creating your own playlists. Or if you find a playlist you really like, just add it to your collection. Very soon, you'll have the right music for every mood and occasion.

Soundtracktoyour.com is a brand new service on your computer, your tablet, and soon on your mobile and your home entertainment system. You can even download your favourite music for when you’re offline through our iTunes affiliation, with access to 20 million plus tracks.

Listening to music got a lot easier too with our brand new on site music player that allows you to stream music and your Soundtracks, the way you want, (without advertising interruptions), in full and for free.

Music brings people together and with Soundtracktyour.com through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, you can share your music. Shared music insomuch as you can even create and send your own mix tapes to your friends and you can follow other interesting people - when they find great new music, so do you.

Our goal is to help you to build the soundtrack to your life and then provide you with the means to take and listen to your personalised music collection, wherever you go, regardless of where you want to listen to your music and independent of where you source it from.

Welcome to Soundtracktoyour.com. Musical memories to celebrate your life set to music.

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